Young adult life coachingAbout Social Bridge
Our mission is to help teens and adults achieve their best quality of life.  We do this using individualized and evidence-based programs that promote social, job, and life skills; such as PEERS, sensory-friendly Zumba, Life Coaching, consulting services, and more.

We work with teens and adults who have Asperger Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, TBI, and developmental differences throughout Seattle and the Eastside.  Social Bridge consults internationally in English or Spanish and offers services remotely via webcam/telephone to individuals across the nation.



lisaLisa Iland Hilbert, M.S. is a coach and the Founder of Social Bridge.  She helps teens and adults develop social, job, and life skills.  She also consults with businesses and universities  to develop new programs and reduce barriers for students/staff with ASD. Complementing her professional expertise, Lisa has personal insight into the experiences of teens/adults on the spectrum because her brother has ASD.  Her family experience growing up within the autism community drives the passion for her work and gives her a unique understanding. Lisa is the co-author of the award winning book Asperger’s and Girls.  She authored the “Sib Talk” column in Autism Asperger Digest Magazine.  A popular speaker on the topic of Asperger’s and Autism, Lisa presents at national and international conferences in English and Spanish.


Lisa believes: “Each person has something unique to contribute and the potential for self-realization. It’s important to honor the ideas, dreams, preferences, interests, and goals of each client without personal bias or judgment.  Self-advocates, parents, and family members are integral experts and partners.  I work with clients in the community to understand their daily social contexts and develop a plan unique to that individual.  Positivity, practicality, empathy, and creativity are core to my work.”

Certifications and Memberships
In 2011 Lisa was trained by researchers at the UCLA Semel Institute to became a certified provider of The PEERS Program, a cutting-edge evidence based social skills program for teens and their parents. Social Bridge is the only certified provider to offer the program in Washington state. In 2013 she became a licensed Zumba instructor to adapt the exercise for teens and adults with ASD.

Education and Research
Master of Science, Speech and Hearing Sciences, University of Washington. 
Research summary: Yale researchers Reichow & Volkmar, 2010 identified that certain social skills therapies for children with autism generalized (carried over outside of the therapy room).  Lisa analyzed the research on each therapy and found huge differences in the quality of what is considered “generalization.”  She created a comprehensive framework with various levels of generalization quality and used this to identify the social skills therapies most effective for children with autism.Bachelors of Arts: Communicative Disorders; Spanish. University of Redlands
Research summary: Lisa conducted autism research over several months in Buenos Aires Argentina through La Universidad de Buenos Aires in 2007.  Investigating how autism is perceived and treated in Argentina, she interviewed prominent professors, therapists, parents, students, government agencies, and conducted a literature review at national libraries. She found autism to be widely perceived as a psychosis, and therapeutic centers used this theoretical orientation. She hypothesizes this may be due to a variety of sociopolitical, economic, linguistic and historical reasons. Literature on autism was primarily translated autobiographies and current educational texts were psychoanalytic (including Bettelheim) or Piaget with an early emergence of behavioral therapies.  Combining her degrees, Lisa wrote and presented her thesis in Spanish.
Personal and Professional Interests
Professional interests: Adult autism, creating entrepreneurship based around employing people with ASD, using design principles to improve accessibility, establishing appropriate norms for social, job, and life skills based on age, culture, and context.  Identifying best practices for teaching adults with ASD. GLBTQ Sexuality and autism.
Personal Interests: Lisa is a classically trained Soprano and has performed lead roles in musical theater. She enjoys playing the guitar, golfing, ballroom dancing, art, and cooking. She is a member of the Puget Sound Coaches Association.  Lisa is Vice President of the Seattle Children’s Hospital Autism Center Guild and enjoys volunteering as Chairwoman of the Life Skills for Teens committee creating enrichment and mentorship opportunities for teen girls in foster care within the Junior League of Seattle. She’s a dual citizen of Ireland and has lived there, Chicago, and California.