Adult PEERS®

  • If you have a group of 4+ adults with Asperger’s who would like to improve communication confidence and social connection skills, contact us to set up a program in your area or at our office.
  • Social Skills Program for adults age 18-26+
  • Designed to help adults develop effective social skills for relationships, employment, and increase confidence.

Course Content

  1. Class 1
    Trading information & Advanced Conversation Skills. Self-assessment of interests, identifying sources of friends
  2. Class 2
    Electronic communication skills: phone calls, voicemails, email, social media, text messaging, internet use
  3. Class 3
    Entering and exiting group conversations, making social connections.
  4. Class 4
    Planning & hosting get-togethers, sportsmanship, creating and maintaining a positive interaction
  5. Class 5
    Accepting and implementing feedback/critiques at work and home, handling disagreements


Social Bridge Bellevue Office – 11820 Northup Way E-200 Bellevue WA 98005


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