Conference Presentations

Invite Lisa to present at your next meeting, conference, organization, or event.

What are some topics Lisa can present about?

Workplace and interviewing skills, Adult social skills, Transition to adulthood, Interviewing skills,  turning special interests into careers

Independent living skills: how to teach cooking, budgeting, cleaning, safety skills training for people with disabilities

College readiness, Getting organized, Managing anxiety/depression, ADHD

Autism + Dating, sexuality, GLBTQ relationships, gender transition, Online dating and unwritten rules of safe communication and going out

Social Skills for Teens, Help your teen make friends, Evidence-based techniques for handling Bullying Gossip and Teasing, Social skills intervention research, Finding a social circle for your teen. Sibling issues and family balance.

What therapists and educators should know to work effectively teens/adults with ASD; Generalization of social skills therapies and treatment efficacy; Autism in Argentina; History of autism treatments and the self-advocacy movement

Location & Fees

Fees are determined by the number of attendees, if the program is directed toward staff or individuals, the length of presentation desired, location, and whether it is a one-time training or series.


Past Conferences & Events

  • February 17, 11:00am Radio Show: “Talkin’ Autism with Lisa and Eli” with Guest Patty Pacelli of
  • January 29 – Guest Lecture for Dr. Raphe Bernier – “Social Skills Treatment Efficacy & The PEERS Program” – University of Washington Graduate School
  • January 27 “Building Social Skills for Work, Roommates and Friendship”
    My Home My Life MyHomeMyLife (MHML)
  • January 15 “Building Social Skills for Work, Roommates and Friendship”
    My Home My Life MyHomeMyLife (MHML)
  • January 9 “Building Social Skills for Work, Roommates and Friendship”
    My Home My Life MyHomeMyLife (MHML)
  • December 9, 11:00am Radio Show: “Talkin’ Autism with Lisa and Eli”
  • October 15th – Social Bridge Open House, Bellevue, WA
  • September 9, 11:00am Radio Show: “Talkin’ Autism with Lisa and Eli”
  • September 2, 11:00am Radio Show: “Talkin’ Autism with Lisa and Eli”
  • August 10th, Zumba Demonstration Autism Day at Carnation Farm Carnation, WA
  • July 22nd, MyHomeMyLife (MHML) Mercer Island, WA
  • July 16th, MyHomeMyLife (MHML), Kent Commons, WA
  • June 6, MyHomeMyLife (MHML), Shoreline, WA
  • June 5, Cascadia Community College
  • May 16th 2013 Guest Lecture at the University of Washington Department of Special Education
  • January 24th 2013: 1er Congreso Internacional, El Autismo: Una perspectiva diferente. (Spanish) Tijuana, Mexico
  • January 17, 2013: Wraparound Services Parent Outreach, (English) Snoqualmie, WA
  • September 19, 2012: “ASD: Preparing For Your Child’s Teen
    and Adult Years.” (English) Kindering Center Bellevue, WA
  • August 1-3, 2012: 4th International Autism Symposium (Spanish) Cartagena, Colombia
  • April 2012: Transition Support Meeting, Bellevue College Navigators Program, Bellevue WA
  • October 2011: Congreso Internacional, Guadalajara, Mexico
  • September 2010: Laredo, TX
  • May 2008: “Family Balance and Sibling Support” Autism Society of America National Conference, Orlando, FL
  • April 2009: Future Horizons, Dallas, TX
  • April 2008: Future Horizons, Riverside, CA
  • March 2008: Autism Conference at the University of Redlands, CA
  • September 2007: Keynote with Temple Grandin, Stockton, CA


Presenter Biography
Lisa Iland Hilbert, M.S., founded Social Bridge to improve life quality for teens and adults with ASD around the world.  She uses practical strategies based on research or recommended by self-advocates to help clients find their social niche, get employed, live independently, and succeed at college.  Lisa has personal insight into the challenges faced by teens and adults with ASD and their families because her brother is on the autism spectrum. Her experience growing up within the autism community drives the passion for her work and gives her a unique understanding.

Especialista en autismo, entrenador de habilidades sociales, y fundador de Puente Social. Ella trabaja con jóvenes y adultos, y le encanta trabajar con las familias. Los padres dicen que ella tiene un don para las personas entrenan con el síndrome de Asperger y los trastornos del espectro autista.Como complemento de su experiencia profesional, Lisa tiene una visión personal sobre los retos que enfrentan los adolescentes y adultos sobre el espectro y su familia porque su hermano está en el espectro del autismo